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Perform In Perth Success

Perform In Perth Success

Kilgraston girls put in exceptional performances at Perform In Perth, to bring home a stellar set of results

A number of girls were entered into a variety of categories at Perform In Perth this year, and despite fierce competition, took home numerous top three placings. The results for Kilgraston girls are as follows:

Practice Chanter – Libby D (2nd place)

Advanced Xylophone Solo – Yolanda N (2nd place)

Prepared Reading (ages 7-8) – Elsie S (2nd place), Emma H (3rd place), Alice H (merit certificate), Olivia G (merit certificate)

Prepared Reading (ages 9-10) – Chloe B (=3rd place), Erin F (=3rd place), Natalie D (merit certificate), Hannah A (merit certificate)

Prepared Reading (ages 11 – 12) – Melissa A (first class certificate), Edith S (merit certificate), Rebecca M (merit certificate), Lucy H (merit certificate), Heidi S (merit certificate)

Bible Reading (ages 7-8) – Poppy H (1st place), Busi M (=3rd place), Sophie P (=3rd place)

Bible Reading (ages 9-10) – Caitlin O (1st place), Chloe B (2nd place), Ishbel F(=3rd place), Elizabeth S (=3rd place), Hannah A (first class certificate), Lucy M (first class certificate), Mia R (merit certificate), Flora P (merit certificate), Daisy D (merit certificate), Sally B (merit certificate)

Bible Reading (ages 11-12) – Melissa A (1st place), Rebecca M (2nd place), Kirsten M (3rd place)

Verse Speaking (ages 5-6) – Sofia I (2nd place), Minnie S (3rd place), Jessica H (merit certificate), Bethan F (merit certificate), Ella B (merit certificate), Emily M (merit certificate), Hattie S-R (merit certificate), Rosie D (merit certificate)

Verse Speaking (ages 7-8) – Alice B (merit certificate), Florence H (merit certificate), Isla R (merit certificate)

Verse Speaking (ages 9-10) – Caitlin O (2nd place), Chloe B (3rd place), Lucy M (first class certificate), Sally M (merit certificate), Lucy B (merit certificate), Emma B (certificate), Erin F (first class certificate), Hannah A (first class certificate), Delilah M-F (merit certificate), Olivia K (merit certificate)

Burns Poems (ages 7-8) – Sophie P (1st place), Lyra M (2nd place), Zoe M (=3rd place), Sofia Dunsire (=3rd place)

Burns Poems (ages 9-10) – Olivia K (=2nd place), Megan S (=2nd place)

Burns Poems (ages 11-12) – Alyth B (2nd place)

Dramatic Solo (ages 11-12) – Chloe B (1st place), Lilly D (3rd place), Niamh S (merit certificate), Grace R

S.C.D Girls Only 12 & Under – Awarded to Chloe B (Julie Young Dancers) – 1st place, Honours certificate

Congratulations to all the girls who took part!



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