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Life at Kilgraston – first-hand piece by a member of our Junior Years Magazine Committee

Life at Kilgraston – first-hand piece by a member of our Junior Years Magazine Committee

Ten year old Niamh joined Kilgraston in 2018. Almost immediately she volunteered for the Junior Years magazine committee. So thrilled with her appointment, Niamh decided to write a piece about her experience of life at Kilgraston. This will indeed appear in Cor Unum, the school’s annual review of the academic year, but we thought it was too good to keep under wraps until November 2019…..over to you Niamh…

The Life of a Junior School pupil

“When I first came to Kilgraston my expectations were normal and not very high, but within a quarter of the day, I had fallen in love with the school. I enjoyed all of the fun lessons and activities they had available, and everywhere I looked I could see smiles.

This is what a typical school day looks like:

A Kilgraston day is like every other school, but better in every way. Your very first lesson depends on the timetable, but it will probably be Maths, English or Social Studies and, as some people know it best, Topic.

If you ask me, the best lessons are Drama, Music, English, Art and maybe Religious Studies. The worst lesson is Maths, but most kids don’t like that subject! Spelling is very hard too but in Lower Third, if everyone gets their spelling correct, you are allowed to go down stairs and do the Macarena!

The lunches at Kilgraston are amazing; delicious, wonderful, great; did I say delicious already?  Sorry, it’s just they are very good. My favourite lunches are pizza, KFC (this stands for Kilgraston Fried Chicken), fish Fridays and macaroni cheese.

At break time you can visit the obstacle course and go on the little bars or the wobble bridge and down into a big space where there are lots of trees and another obstacle course, monkey bars and a balancing chain.

On the first break you can have a snack and find out what’s for lunch and run around. On the big break you can still run around, or you can go to a club like, netball, musical theatre, sewing and magazine club, and that is how I got to write this article.

One of the main events of this year is St Andrew’s Day, where all of the Junior Year classes join in. This year the youngest pupil, Sophia, cut the cake with Mrs McGinty. It was an amazing event, the girls danced with their classmates and teachers and, if you wanted to, you could dance with your mum and dad. So if you had come to watch events you might find yourself up on the dance floor!”

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