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Education Scotland and the Care Inspectorate report on Kilgraston released

Education Scotland and the Care Inspectorate report on Kilgraston released

During October 2018, a team of inspectors from Education Scotland and the Care Inspectorate visited Kilgraston to conduct a ‘root and branch’ inspection of every aspect of our school.

Visits from these agencies (Education Scotland is an Executive Agency of the Scottish Government, tasked with improving the quality of the country’s education system; The Care Inspectorate is also a Scottish Government body, assessing social work and social care services, including child protection and the integration of children’s services) occur only once every eight to ten years. Inspections are extremely thorough; twelve inspectors stayed at Kilgraston, conducting a week-long investigation.

I am delighted to report that the results of this inspection can now be made public. Kilgraston has earned the much sought-after valuation of ‘very good’ in all four ‘quality indicator’ categories: Leadership of change; Learning, teaching and assessment; Raising attainment and achievement; Ensuring wellbeing, equality and inclusion.

Additionally, the inspectors were so impressed with what they witnessed at our school that they have advised us that there is no need for a follow-up inspection, which is so often the case.

Having the light shone into all the corners of the business is, of course, a stressful undertaking for every member of staff. However, staff across all departments responded magnificently to the extra workload and demands made of them, prior to and during, the period of inspection. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them again for their effort as well as the pupils, who shone throughout the process.

As ever, there is no room for complacency. Kilgraston will continue to work hard to continually self-assess and implement changes and improvements. We very much appreciate that there is scope for development and always take, very seriously, points made by pupils, parents and carers and all educational bodies.

For the time being, however, I would like to leave you with some comments from the Inspectorate:

“The inspection team found the following strengths in the school’s work:

  • Happy, articulate and kind children and young people who are very proud of their school. They thrive in the stimulating environment for learning, and make the most of the extensive range of enriching activities and learning experiences offered to them.
  • The highly effective leadership of the headmistress in leading change and in securing improvement through self-evaluation. She is very ably supported by the senior leadership team. Their dedicated, inclusive approach is ensuring equity of opportunity for all.
  • High-quality approaches to learning and teaching across the junior and senior schools, which is leading to very positive levels of attainment.
  • The commitment of all staff across the school and boarding houses to creating an ethos of nurture, where children and young people feel safe, valued and respected. The goals of the Sacred Heart Network are demonstrated by all in the day-to-day life of the school.
  • The successful approaches to wellbeing and inclusion which underpin the work of all. Children and young people are very well supported in school and in boarding houses. Staff work together closely to ensure the individual needs of all children and young people are met.
  • The range of mutually beneficial partnerships and networks that the school has established, within the local community and beyond. The Kilgraston School community value these partnerships and go the extra mile to share their expertise and resources for the benefit of others.”

Mrs Dorothy MacGinty

Head of Kilgraston

5 February 2019

To read the full Education Scotland/ Care Inspectorate report please click here.



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