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As Advanced Higher, Higher and National Five Examination Results are announced, Kilgraston School pupils have every reason to celebrate

Superb exam results achieved by Kilgraston

Results day at Kilgraston has been received with universal approval, with all three levels of exams delivering an impressive year-on-year increase in Grade A’s achieved.

“I could not be more proud of the pupils and staff who have worked so hard to achieve these impressive results,” said Head of Kilgraston, Mrs MacGinty, “Equipping our student-body with superb grades, from which to launch the next exciting chapter of their young lives’, is our whole focus and today has been the realisation of that pursuit.”

Advanced Highers and Highers witness an impressive 60% at A Grade and National Fives 66.4%, at the same mark.

“Additional tracking and monitoring and continual academic rigour has been applied throughout this year and, while tough, has yielded excellent results,” said Mrs MacGinty.

Particularly strong this year are STEM results with Maths Higher achieving 75% at A Grade and Advanced Higher Maths 100% at A/B Grade.

Higher Chemistry also punched above its weight with 88% A/B Grades being achieved; Advanced Higher Chemistry saw 83% at A/B Grade. Physics Higher achieved 82% at A Grade: “Kilgraston is bucking the national trend of STEM subjects with 60% of pupils pursuing a university course in that topic, representing a hefty 22% in subject uptake. We have invested heavily in this area and are delighted to see pupils head-off to their chosen subjects of medicine, engineering, paramedics and bio-scientists, among many others,” said Mrs MacGinty.

Geography Higher also swept the board with 90% A/B being achieved. Music was another success story with 100% A/B at Nat Five, Higher and Advanced Higher. History achieved 86% A/B at Higher level. RMPS achieved 100% A/B at Higher level.

The Advanced Higher results were 60% at A grade, 88% A/B and 96% A/C. The Higher A/C pass rate was 93% with 60% at A grade and 79% A/B grade.  40% of pupils gained 4 or 5 A grades.

However, the School is very aware that strong exam performance, while thrilling, is only the springboard to greater achievement: “Life is a competitive arena,” continues Mrs MacGinty, “we are very aware that we must be constantly striving to better ourselves. High standards and full commitment are a prerequisite at Kilgraston and we shall enter the new academic year with even more energy and enthusiasm for the future challenges. For now though, well done everyone.”





Percentage with:

Grade A                       60%

Grade A-B                    88%

Grade A-C                    96%





Percentage with:

Grade A                       60%

Grade A-B                    79%

Grade A-C                    93%




Percentage with:

Grade A                       66.4%

Grade A-B                    84.3%

Grade A-C                    96.4%



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