Over half of our pupils achieved Grade As at Higher level

Pastoral Care

Care for each individual is at the heart of school life

We pride ourselves on the quality of our pastoral care. It is at the heart of School life.

We ensure boarders and day pupils alike can truly thrive in a caring and welcoming community. We foster an environment of interaction and team spirit for all pupils. Our aim is straightforward and our focus clear. Each child will thrive and grow to their full potential with a resilience that will support them as they make their way in the world. At Kilgraston, we expect all those working with our pupils to help them to become equipped with the confidence and skills to be effective learners and effective members of the community. Pupil development and pastoral care is monitored in a variety of ways. Each pupil has a form tutor. Up to Upper Third the form tutors are supported by a Head of Junior Years. From Lower Fourth to Upper Sixth each year group has a Year Head to oversee the care of each tutor group. For boarders there is the added support of a residential mistress and team of assistants in each boarding area.

A significant ingredient of the Kilgraston approach, and a supplement to the formal care provided by our highly experienced senior pastoral care team, are our BFGs; an innovative concept introduced by our Head Girls. BFGs are upper sixth students who play a ‘big sister’ role to younger children. Critical to the success of the BFG concept is the support provided by our pastoral care team with specific training in safeguarding and welfare. Our BFGs importantly have access to ongoing support from senior staff.

Younger pupils can turn to their BFG at a number of levels. This could be for a quick and reassuring chat, help with a particularly tricky assignment, involvement in shared activities and group outings. It could also involve more formal academic mentoring.

Parents are often concerned about how their shy or quiet child will fit into our bustling school community. Be assured, our ‘big sister’ BFGs offer that welcoming hand.