Over half of our pupils achieved Grade As at Higher level


At the heart of pastoral care

Every child who joins Kilgraston, whether in the Junior or the Senior School, belongs to a House; a community within a community and at the heart of our overall approach to pastoral care.

There are four Houses – Arran, Inchcolm, Kinnoull and Moncreiffe and every junior pupil, senior girl, boarder and day, belongs to that House for the whole of their school career.

The Houses are at the heart of the school and house loyalty soon builds up. Each house is led by a Housemistress and appoints, from amongst its own, a head and deputy head of house as well as a sports captain. Other members of the U6 are also part of the House team and they will support and mentor younger pupils within the House.

There are a variety of House competitions throughout the year ranging from speech making to hockey, netball to music. Pupils of all ages from the youngest to the oldest are encouraged to participate in these competitions and there is never a shortage of volunteers. There is an ethos of friendly rivalry which as well as creating a lot of fun also creates opportunities to build both team and leadership skills. Throughout the year, pupils will be awarded House points for excellence in academic work, service to the community and for enterprise and achievement in each area of school life. The pupils are awarded termly certificates for these dependent on the number of House points they have accumulated. The House points are also added together in each of the Houses and at the end of the year a House cup is presented to the House with the most number of points awarded. The pupils take great pride in their Houses and the announcement of the winner is always greeted with a mixture of elation for some and disappointment for others but a sense of ‘there is always next year’ for everyone.