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Developing a spiritual life for all faiths and none

The spiritual development of our girls is central to Kilgraston’s ethos.

We are a member of the worldwide network of Sacred Heart schools. We aim therefore to help each girl to become a responsible member of society, to recognise her own self-value and capacity to be happy as well as her ability to bring joy to others. We are a Catholic school but warmly welcome pupils from all faiths or none.

We encourage girls to grow in wisdom through the experience of formal and informal prayer. In so doing, each girl can reflect on her personal growth and the significant relationships in her life. Through community service and participation in charitable activities, each girl can develop her full humanity and discover a sense of completeness and purpose in her life.

Sacred Heart guides and inspires all we do

We express the Kilgraston ethos through and are inspired by the five goals of Sacred Heart.

  • To develop a living faith
  • To hold a deep respect for intellectual values
  • To nurture the personal growth of each girl in our care
  • To be a valued part of the community and to help build that community
  • To have a social awareness which impels action

These values are experienced in many ways within the academic curriculum, the broader curriculum and in school life as a whole. There is a strong tradition at Kilgraston of both

teamwork and pupil leadership. We strive to live by these goals and we choose one in particular to focus upon each year.

The Sacred Heart network has in excess of 200 schools across the globe. From 2013, all senior girls have been offered the opportunity to visit another Sacred Heart school overseas for a fortnight as part of an exchange programme. This is an exciting development which offers a uniquely formative experience building friendships and providing the opportunity to experience another culture in a caring and safe environment.

Our Chapel is at the heart of the school

Our school Chapel is located at the heart of the school. It is there the school community congregates for assembly, involving a prayer, a thought for the day and a hymn of thanksgiving.

The Chapel also provides a space for each member of our school community, staff and girls alike, to take time to reflect, pray and step back from the hustle and bustle of school life. It is also a place where we gather together to celebrate and mark special occasions.