Over half of our pupils achieved Grade As at Higher level

Senior Boarding - Mater

Private rooms allow space for seniors to think, read and study

At 13, most girls are given their own study bedroom in ‘Mater’, the Senior house, allowing them their own space to think, read, study or just enjoy time to themselves. At weekends, activities on offer include cultural trips, outdoor activities and social events. These ensure that Senior School boarders are kept busy having fun and enjoying new experiences.

The clubs and activities programme is diverse and includes activities from theatre trips to dog sledding! These provide a great opportunity for integration and camaraderie between boarders of all ages.

Wireless internet access, monitored, as well as filtered, is provided throughout all residential areas of the school. This gives girls the opportunity to keep in touch not only with friends and family during term time but also to make use of a wealth of information and debate related to their academic and co-curricular activities.

Boarding houses at Kilgraston are attached to the main school. This is a major plus giving girls access to all of the school facilities; musicians can practise at any time and artists have free access to their artwork during evenings and weekends.