Over half of our pupils achieved Grade As at Higher level

Junior Boarding - Butterstone

A comfortable, homely environment for youngsters

The Junior Boarding House at Kilgraston School accommodates the youngest boarders from eight to twelve years of age. The youngest members live in Butterstone house and the older girls live in the Austin dorms.

Living within the main school means that the girls can enjoy the benefits of the whole school whilst still enjoying living within a family environment. The Boarding Mistress aims to create a home from home feeling within the boarding house and the Assistant Boarding Mistress also encourages the girls to utilize the many opportunities that Kilgraston has to offer.

Boarding at Kilgraston extends beyond the dorms to a world of social and cultural opportunities. The girls are encouraged to participate in a variety of evening and weekend activities. These activities can range from museum trips, to watching theatre shows or learning a new skill such as jewelry making. With two common rooms, equipped with televisions and DVD players, the girls are able to socialise on the weekends. The girls also have a kitchen, which allows them access to drinks and snacks and provides them with the opportunity to try their hand at baking and cooking.

Junior boarding offers many advantages for parents and pupils. For families with busy schedules and careers, junior boarding offers stability and the chance for children to develop their skills and take up the many opportunities and extra-curricular activities offered. This means that pupils can stay later at their music lesson or have that extra riding lesson without causing disruption. Having experienced staff means that pupils are constantly supported emotionally and academically. It also means that their needs are closely monitored to ensure that they are reaching their full potential. Staff members are also experienced in providing academic support. In Junior boarding, there is a structured routine of homework and close supervision is given, helping pupils excel with their academic work.

Junior boarding prepares children for their senior school careers, making them more independent and creative. At Kilgraston School, junior boarding provides a safe and happy place in which pupils can thrive and develop within a supportive environment. The transition from junior to senior boarding is eased by the links both staff and pupils have with both houses. The girls are encouraged to integrate with other year groups and attend trips onsite and off-site together. The girls are guided throughout this transition and towards the end of junior boarding are given more responsibilities. Throughout their time in junior boarding the pupils learn important key skills including, respect for others, kindness and teamwork. The girls learn to be adaptable and supportive with others and the pupils grow and develop and become ready for senior school.