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Maths Challenge!

Maths Challenge!

Mrs Speed from Maths has set challenges for all the year groups, have a look below and have a go!

Ages 5 – 7

Andrew decorated 20 biscuits to take to a party.

He lined them up and put icing on every second biscuit.

Then he put a cherry on every third biscuit.

Then he put a chocolate button on every fourth biscuit.

So there was nothing on the first biscuit.

How many other biscuits had no decoration? Did any biscuits get all three decorations?


Ages 7 – 11

“Can you make square numbers by adding two prime numbers together?”


Ages 11 – 14

1 kilobyte is actually not 1000 bytes, it is 210 bytes.
1 megabyte is 210 kilobytes.
How many bytes are there in 1 megabyte?


Ages 14 – 16

Take a look at the system of equations below:






Can you find a set of values {a, b, c, d, e} that satisfy the system?
Can you find more than one?

Ages 16 – 18

Find the range of values of x for which

x√+1x√<4,where x√ is the positive root.​


Looking for some more maths challenges?

Try visiting https://nrich.maths.org/covid19 – this site was created by Cambridge University with activities and games from age 3 to 18.

Or why not try…

  • Board games
  • Card games
  • Games with counters (such as nim listed above)
  • sudoku and other printable games above.
  • Cooking: weighting and measuring and buying ingredients

TOP TIP FOR PARENTS: Children can explain to you what they are doing and what they were going to try to solve a problem. Avoid leaping in and solving it for them, the journey is more important than the destination.


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