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Kilgraston Boarders visit Glasgow

Kilgraston Boarders visit Glasgow

Kilgraston Boarders visit Glasgow

Over the weekends our boarding community are introduced to the beauty of Scotland and recently we travelled to the Glasgow Botanical garden and the Kelvingrove Art Museum.

Our first stop was the Botanical Garden, which is full of mystery and knowledge across every corner of the garden. Not only does it remind us of the beauty of Scottish nature but it has also given us the opportunity to learn something new. We roamed through every rose and plant and branch taking in all the glory of the garden. It has brought us all together and so much for everyone: the girls who enjoy biology and science commented on every flora and fauna that they found, and the girls who enjoyed art took many photos to take inspiration from later on in their creative journey.

Our next stop was the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. It was truly an inspiring trip. Not only have we collectively found new artists and movements of art to research about later on, we have also found ourselves mesmerised by the diversity of knowledge that the museum had to offer. From statues made of clay from the 13th century to the skeleton fossils of dinosaurs, everyone has found something to look at and to read about. The museum has given us a better understanding of our surroundings and the big world that is yet for us to discover and conquer.

Written by Lower Sixth boarder, Esma

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