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Young Entrepreneurs at Kilgraston

Young Entrepreneurs at Kilgraston

Celebrating Young Entrepreneurs: Kilgraston’s Ishbel and Her Thriving Soap Business, Airbubble

At Kilgraston, we pride ourselves on nurturing young entrepreneurs, and Upper Fifth pupil Ishbel is a shining example of this. At just 11 years old, Ishbel embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, founding her own soap business, Airbubble, which has been thriving for three years.
Airbubble’s philosophy is built around three core principles: Fresh, Natural, and Handmade. Ishbel’s dedication to freshness is evident as she meticulously times the production of each batch to coincide closely with its release, ensuring maximum scent, lather, and nourishment. The soaps are crafted with high-quality oils such as coconut and shea, avoiding unnecessary additives. Each bar is handmade with care, from weighing and blending to casting and packaging. Ishbel’s attention to detail ensures that every product meets her high standards.
One of the unique aspects of Airbubble is its ability to cater to custom orders. Whether it’s for event welcomes or special occasions, Ishbel can create custom-sized or designed bulk orders, packaged beautifully and professionally with either the Airbubble logo or the customer’s own branding.
Reflecting on her motivation, Ishbel shares, “I wanted something productive to fill my time when I was off school rather than skulking around the house. I thought it was very sellable and allowed me to incorporate my ideas. I could eventually branch out into different types of soap if I wanted to.” Her entrepreneurial spirit is truly inspiring, and she is particularly proud of her achievements in managing finances and launching her company website.
Looking ahead, Ishbel has ambitious plans for Airbubble. She aims to apply for the FSB Young Entrepreneur Award and is exploring opportunities to showcase her brand at larger events like the Highland Show. Additionally, she plans to launch a Facebook account to reach a wider audience and maintain a professional online presence.
We are incredibly proud of Ishbel’s accomplishments and her commitment to her business. She exemplifies the tenacity and creativity that we foster at Kilgraston. We look forward to seeing how Airbubble grows and evolves under her capable leadership.
Congratulations, Ishbel, on your remarkable journey with Airbubble. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and your business.

Have look to see what it’s all about:

website: airbubble.shop

Instagram: airbubbleshop

Facebook: Airbubble

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