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Squid ink

Squid ink

DSC_0015Science club was bursting at the seams this lunchtime as over 25 girls tried their hand at squid dissection. Under the supervision of Mr Connolly, Mrs McCormick and Ms Blackler, girls studied the anatomy of their squid, then carefully cut it open to reveal the heart, ink sack and gills. We felt the beak and examined what the squid had been eating, then looked inside the eyeball to find the hard clear lens.

It was fantastic to see the girls carefully exploring these fascinating creatures, and comparing their squid to see the difference between them. As well as looking at the body of the squid, we also learnt how they move around the water, how they defend themselves from predation, and how they capture their prey. One squid had a whole – undigested – prawn inside, which was quite a sight!

Well done to the girls for their thoughtful and scientific approach, and thank you to the science department for such an interesting lunchtime!













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