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Mrs MacGinty's welcome

Mrs MacGinty's welcome

Mrs MacGintyThis Summer Term, we are delighted to welcome Mrs Dorothy MacGinty to the role of Headmistress at Kilgraston. Mrs MacGinty joins Kilgraston from St. Francis’ College, Hertfordshire, where she has held the post of Headmistress since 2009. Since 2012, Mrs MacGinty has chaired the Professional Development Committee of the Girls’ School Association (GSA), the most prestigious membership organisation for girls’ schools in the UK. Mrs MacGinty will be GSA President 2017.


Kilgraston is a distinctive and remarkable school. Many visitors say that we ‘feel different’. I believe this is because our founding traditions continue to reinforce the values that lie at the heart of our community: academic rigour, trust, respect, integrity and responsibility.


Our girls will be the leaders of tomorrow in a wide variety of professions and businesses. We believe that there should be no limitations on their ambitions either personally or professionally, and we offer a world class, exciting and challenging education where it is natural to step into leadership positions. Our girls work hard and enjoy considerable success in public examinations across a wide range of subjects.


When a girl joins Kilgraston, something rather extraordinary takes place. She quickly becomes a part of our Kilgraston ‘family’, where she is encouraged to grow and learn in an atmosphere of freedom and opportunity. Our teachers are dedicated and work tirelessly with all pupils to ensure each girl can achieve all she is capable of; the pride they share in success is palpable.


We are a school with traditional values but a modern and forward looking perspective on education. Education is not just about exam success; developing interest and talents, nurturing an understanding of divergent cultures, and emphasising our personal responsibility as global citizens are vital. As such, a Kilgraston girl benefits from a wealth of opportunities to extend and enrich her educational experience. We offer an enormous breadth of extra-curricular activities, and enjoy modern, state of the art facilities in sports, art, music and science.


Mrs MacGinty, 2015

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