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Kilgraston’s Covid Christmas Show

Kilgraston’s Covid Christmas Show

Kilgraston’s Covid Christmas Show

Kilgraston’s Covid Christmas Show proved that anything really is possible…

What’s Christmas without a little family drama and Kilgraston’s seasonal homage had it with bells on. But, like any tension-inducing event, it was very much all alright on the night.

Director of Music, Jason McAuley’s ambitious production of an hour-long drive-in movie was testament to the grit and determination of a small school to not have its annual Christmas showcase spoilt by Covid: “We just wanted to give everyone a good time, something to bring a little cheer into this gloomy climate.”

And deliver joy he most certainly did.

With the help of a blow-up movie screen imported from Truro and school bus drivers hastily morphing into car park attendants and instant Bluetooth speaker experts, the weather also played ball, allowing nearly 200 cars to slip seamlessly into their allotted space and enjoy one of the three movie showings over one hectic night.

“I can’t tell you how hard everyone’s worked on this,” said an emotional Mr McAuley, wrestling with momentary sound interference and a sea of blinking hazard lights indicating poor reception.

Christmas is a time when magical things happen and just as tensions piqued, the technical fairies flicked their wands and all was well in the world.

The Kilgraston community is a cohesive unit with all 260 pupils and nearly 100 staff doing their party piece and adding to the festival spirit. Recorded over two weeks and appropriately socially distanced measurements in draughty marquees and windy front lawns, dancers, singers, pipers, jazz musicians, orchestra members, choirs, actors and speakers led the audience through the traditional tale with a contemporary twist: “We included ‘flock immunity’, gifts of fragrant hand-sanitiser and the R-number – rational reaction of reasonable repetitive response – to add a touch of much-needed humour,” said Mr McAuley.

Diced and spliced during a week of late-night sessions in the School’s recording and editing suite, the movie promised to take viewers on a ‘new journey’ where we ‘thought a little differently’. During the first few minutes, one performer asked: “Where are you Christmas, where is the laughter?” It was all there. Teachers donning cardboard camels, pupils re-enacting appropriately spaced nativity scenes.

You couldn’t make it up, but they did and to spectacular effect, spreading joy and happiness to a chilly car park in Perthshire, the audience going home for the night full of festive bonhomie.

“Phew,” said Mr McAuley.

“Thank you,” called everyone else.

Read more about the press coverage of this event here.

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