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Kilgraston Senior Sports Day 2024

Kilgraston Senior Sports Day 2024

Kilgraston Senior Sports Day 2024: A Day of Outstanding Achievements

The Kilgraston Senior Sports Day 2024 was a vibrant celebration of athleticism, teamwork, and school spirit. Our pupils showcased their remarkable skills and determination across various events, making it a memorable day for everyone involved. Here’s a recap of the standout performances and results:

In track events, Rebecca took first place in the 100m for Fourth Form, Erin F won the 100m and 200m for Fifth Form and another Erin F won both these events for Sixth Form too, while Lara, Lucy, and Charlotte triumphed in the 800m and longer distances.

Field events saw impressive performances in high jump by Rebecca in Fourth Form, Clementina in Fifth Form and Jessica in Sixth Form. Maia excelled in the long jump for Fifth Form, while Erin took the top spot for Sixth Form. Caitlin, Poppy, and Fiona demonstrated their strength in shot put, and Anneliese, Stephanie, Afton, Rebecca, Stephanie, and Julia excelled in discus and javelin, earning Pre-Sports Finalist Medals.

The Interhouse Relay winners were Inchcolm for Fourth Form, Kinnoull for Fifth Form, and Arran for Sixth Form, showcasing teamwork and competitive spirit.

Trophies were awarded to Rebecca in Fourth Form, Lucy and Maia in Fifth Form, and Erin in Sixth Form, highlighting their exceptional performances in various categories.

Arran emerged as the overall winner in the Senior School category with 91 points, reflecting their outstanding collective achievement.

The Sports Day concluded with a ceremony celebrating the achievements of all participants. It was particularly heartening to see the camaraderie and support amongst students, a true reflection of Kilgraston’s community spirit. The dedication and hard work of our athletes, along with the enthusiastic cheers from fellow students, parents, and staff, made the day a spectacular success.

Congratulations to all our athletes for their incredible efforts and achievements. A special thank you to the organizers, coaches, and volunteers who ensured the event ran smoothly. We look forward to more exciting events and continued excellence in sports at Kilgraston.

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