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Kilgraston Art Showcase 2023 – enter now

Kilgraston Art Showcase 2023 – enter now

Love – what is it and how would you draw it?

Enter Kilgraston Art Showcase and the chance to win £200 donation for your nursery.

Entries will be shown in our Grand Exhibition on 4th November at 10am in Kilgraston Junior Years. The competition is open to three to five year olds. Please email and A4 drawing what you love to artcomp@kilgraston.com with your name and age. Entries open to three to five year olds in 25 mile radius of Kilgraston School. Deadline for entries is 28th October 2023.


* Terms and conditions
1. How to Enter:
– Entries must be submitted to artcomp@kilgraston.com by 3pm on 28th October 2023.
– The winner will be selected by the judging panel.
2. When to enter
– Entries can be submitted any time until closing date.
3. Who can enter
– The competition is open to all children aged three, four or five years old within 25 miles of Kilgraston School.
– Submissions will be displayed at the Kilgraston Art Showcase on 4th November.
4. Prizes
– The winner will be announced on 4th November at Kilgraston Art Showcase.
– The winner will receive £200 donation towards their nursery.
– If the winner does not attend a nursery, the winner must select a recipient nursery to receive the prize.

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