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Junior Years Summer Show 2023 – ‘Annie’

Junior Years Summer Show 2023 – ‘Annie’

The Junior Years’ pupils have been working hard on the production of ‘Annie Jr.’ We have been performing this week and the experience has been fantastic. The rehearsal process has been busy but amazing. It all started in February with auditions and casting. Soon after that the preparation started with blocking the first scene and creating the choreography for ‘It’s The Hard Knock Life.’ After drama rehearsals we would go to music to perfect our songs and friends would learn their solo parts and learn pitches.

On Tuesday, we started to perform it on stage and each performance has become better and better. The quick costume changes and mic changes have been mastered and everything was perfect. It is a surreal feeling to stand up on stage projecting lines and speaking into a mic doing what we all love.

The Lower Fifth have been a huge help with hair and makeup, and we are very grateful to them. Some of the hair was a bit crazy but it felt like our characters were coming to life. When we take our final bow at the end of the show it is an amazing feeling! They are all cheering for us and our show.

The whole experience has been great and I am going to miss the rehearsals and the nerves before going on stage.

Upper Third would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved who has made this production possible. A special thanks goes to Mrs Murphy and Mr Morley.

Olivia (Upper Third), May 2023

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