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Fairtrade Market

Fairtrade Market

On Tuesday, the Prep School held their annual Fairtrade Christmas Market. The following account was written with the Prep School magazine committee – Alex, Rania, Olivia, Suzanne, Aliza and Michaela.
The day of the Fairtrade Market was really exciting, with a feeling of anticipation around the Prep School. We all kept reminding each other about the market, and we were allowed to miss our last lesson to set up our stalls. Earlier in the week, we had all worked together to help make decorations for the Atrium – the younger ones made the decorations, and the older ones helped to hang them from the ceiling.

We all felt very festive, wearing Christmas jumpers, hats, socks and antlers. When the market started, we couldn’t believe how quickly everything was sold! The market was supposed to run until 5pm, but by 10 past 4 we had already sold out of lots of things! The most popular item we sold was the giant cookies – people kept coming back and asking for more, but we had already sold out of them! We had to solve problems as we went along, such as running out of 20p coins and having to ask people to come back in a little while to collect their change.

It felt really worthwhile, and it was really good to raise money for such a good cause. It’s nice to spend money to help other people, instead of just buying things for yourself. All together, we sold over £400 worth of items, and raised over £150 for Mary’s Meals. If we were to do it all over again, we’d do it exactly the same… except for ordering more giant cookies!


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