Over half of our pupils achieved Grade As at Higher level

Exam success 2023 for Kilgraston pupils

Exam success 2023 for Kilgraston pupils

Kilgraston pupils score exam success 2023

Kilgraston pupils are celebrating the continuation of the school’s strong academic achievements with the release of the 2023 Scottish Exam results. These see Kilgraston’s results once again well above national averages.

At Higher level, 51% of Kilgraston pupils achieved a Grade A, against a national average of 32.8% at the same level. Even more impressive is the high numbers of Kilgraston pupils who obtained five or more straight As in their Highers with almost a fifth achieving this. This success is mirrored at National 5 level with 66% of Kilgraston pupils achieving Grade As against a national average of 38.6% at the same level. Furthermore, almost a quarter of pupils sitting National 5s obtained 8 or more straight As and over half achieved at least five As at National 5 level.

Kilgraston’s Headteacher, Mrs Tanya Davie, said: “I am incredibly proud of these results. Kilgraston has a long history of strong results, and this year our pupils continue this tradition in a number of robust ways. Indeed, this year, more of our pupils sitting Highers achieved A Grades than in 2022. Across the board, I know the hard work which has gone into these results so I would like to extend my congratulations to every one of our pupils and to the Kilgraston staff who support them.”

Kilgraston pupils showed their strengths across a wide variety of subjects. In the core subject of English, Kilgraston pupils achieved incredible results with 100% achieving a Grade A/B at National 5 level. As a girls-only school, Kilgraston pupils continue to smash gender stereotypes with 100% achieving a Grade A in Advanced Higher Physics. In addition, 100% of pupils achieved a Grade A in Computing at National 5 level and Advanced Higher level.

In languages too, 100% of pupils obtained an A grade in Latin at both Higher and National 5 levels. In Higher German, 100% achieved a Grade A and in Higher Spanish 100% achieved Grade A/B.

Music is a cornerstone of life at Kilgraston, and these latest results show just how important this subject is with an impressive 100% getting a A Grade at National 5 level and 100% achieving Grade A/B at Higher level. Kilgraston’s sporting prowess is well known, and this continues in Advanced Higher PE with 100% achieving Grade A.

Mrs Davie concludes: “Our pupils perform well across many subjects and in particular in those subjects where boys traditionally excel, for example, such as physics. However, the richness and diversity of our results proves the benefits of a girls only education. It gives our pupils an opportunity to focus without distractions and without fear of conforming and they do this in abundance.

“We encourage our pupils to seize every opportunity here, to work hard and to reap the rewards of a Kilgraston education. As a school, my team and I are focused on offering the best education now and in the future and to raise the next generation of strong, fearless young people and these results are proof of this and collectively, it gives me so much joy and happiness to see this progress.”

Kilgraston Class of 2023 has much to celebrate with every Upper Sixth pupil achieving the results required to get their firm or insurance University offer. This means almost four fifths of pupils will now go to their first choice of university. This year’s cohort are predominantly moving on to courses in Humanities and the Arts and courses include Liberal Arts, Social Anthropology, Rural Land Management, Event Management, and English.

However, as always, Kilgraston represents strongly in the STEM subjects with pupils seeking courses in Chemistry and Physics as well as Sport and Exercise Science. Over a third of Upper Sixth pupils will progress to prestigious Russel Group Universities and there was 100% success rate for girls wishing to study at St Andrew’s with all being made unconditional offers.

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