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Enter Kilgraston Scottish Schools Equestrian Championships



Show jumping at all girls boarding School in Scotland


 National Schools
NSEA Show Jumping + Dressage Qualifier

Kilgraston SSEC 2020 Results

HOWE EQUESTRIAN CENTRE, FIFE, KY15 7UW on Sunday 8th March 2020

Team and individual competition for schools

Dressage and Show Jumping


Commencing 8.30 am

Ages as at 1st January 2020

Click here to download application form and you can download a day ticket for the National Schools Equestrian Association here



CLASS 1       The Pony Club Walk and Trot Dressage Test 2013

(12 years & under)

CLASS 2      The Pony Club Introductory Dressage Test 2007

CLASS 3       Class 1 Prelim = P 13 (2006) Team & Individual Qualifier

CLASS 4       Class 2 Novice = N 28 (2008) Team & Individual Qualifier


Show Jumping

Class 5          55cm    (12 years & under, combinations not to have been placed at 75cm or above)

Class 6*         70 – 75cm    Team and Individual qualifier (No age restriction if not competing for NSEA qualification, combinations not to have competed at 1m or above)

Class 7*         8085cm    Team and Individual qualifier

Class 8*         90 – 95cm   Team and Individual qualifier

Class 9*         1 – 1.05m     Team and Individual qualifier

Class 10a/b* 1.10m          Individual qualifier

This class will be split into 5a) Horses,  5b) Ponies

*Classes 6 – 10 will run as NSEA Qualifiers for those schools who wish to compete for qualification. In order to enter as a qualifying team you must be registered with the NSEA.  In class 6, if you are trying to qualify for the NSEA championships riders are to be aged under 14 on 1st Jan 2020


Dressage: £50 per team – 3 or 4 riders from the same school, best 3 scores to count.

£15 per individual

Show Jumping: £50 per team- 3 or 4 riders from the same school, best 3 scores to count.

£15 per individual.

This competition will be run under Pony Club Rules except where otherwise stated. Entries fees include first aid cover.

Show jumping classes 6 – 10 Rules- See ‘NSEA Additional Rules for Qualifiers 2019-20

Dressage classes 3 + 4 Rules – NSEA General Rules plus ‘Additional Rules for Qualifiers 2020’



In each class, team rosettes will be awarded from 1st – 6th, and 1st – 6th individually.

Show Jumping

In each class, team rosettes will be awarded from 1st – 6th , and 1st – 6th individually. The Jenny Storer Cup, kindly donated by the Keith family, will be presented to the winner of class 9.

Sashes to the winning individuals and teams in both dressage and SJ.

All team competitors automatically compete for both team and individual prizes.


            Entries, which will be strictly limited, will be accepted on a first come first served basis. In the event of over subscription a waiting list will be held.

  • Ages as at the 1st of January 2020
  • All riders must be in full time education at their named school on the 1st of January 2020
  • A combination (horse and rider) are permitted to enter a maximum of 3 dressage classes and/or 3 show jumping classes.
  • Riders may compete on more than one horse provided that the smooth running of the competition is not interrupted. For NSEA qualifying teams riders may only compete once in a team.
  • There are no height restrictions but no horse or pony under the age of 4 years of age may compete
  • Any bit may be used in class 1, provided the judge does not consider it a threat to the welfare of the horse or pony.
  • Dressage tests may not be commanded unless in the event of an established learning difficulty by prior written permission from the school represented.
  • Saddle cloths in school colours may be worn in both phases.
  • Entries must be made on the official entry form and should be sent under one cover by the Team Manager.
  • Cheques should be made payable to “Kilgraston SSEC”.