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Mrs MacGinty writes in TES asking if Scotland shouldn't try to teach all primary pupils basic First Aid skills

The autumn 2019 ‘Eco-schools’ feature in Independent School Parent magazine highlights Kilgraston

Independent School Parent magazine – autumn 2019, senior edition – examines the independent sector’s approach to this subject and finds that schools’ ‘global outlook’ – and a sense of responsibility for the world – is firmly embedded within their ethos, with young people proactively embracing the challenges.

Kilgraston pupils’ campaign to reduce ‘fast fashion’, single-use plastic and their research into declining bird populations is highlighted on page 20.


Community awareness at Kilgraston School


Independent Education Today magazine highlights Kilgraston’s Women and Business events

Started at the beginning of 2019’s academic year and designed to give Kilgraston’s Senior School pupils the opportunity to meet industry experts and learn more about various careers, the programme has caught the press’ attention with this months’s much-respected Independent Education Today magazine featuring the initiative.

“The aim is to turn the school into an industry hub,” commented Kilgraston’s Head, Mrs MacGinty: “becoming the go-to destination for ambitious girls looking to enter the world of business, knowing that they will be nurtured and mentored, fully developing their entrepreneurial spirit.”

Daily Telegraph journalist, Judith Woods, visited Kilgraston during September, subsequently writing about her day with the pupils in her weekly newspaper column: “They (the pupils) want to fulfil their potential, in the classroom, on their mandatory cross-country runs and in their chosen fields of endeavour,” she enthused.

Later this month, tax specialists from Saffery Champness will be spending time with pupils.

During spring 2020, Nyree Conway, a Director with leading Scottish law firm, Thorley Stephenson SSC, together with a Procurator Fiscal and a Consultant Dermatologist, will, independently, spend time talking discussing their respective careers with senior school pupils.

During the visit from Hettie’s Teas, owner Clare Pinchbeck commented: “Logos, branding, names and promotional ideas were all discussed. Girls were very engaged. They were surprised that the product didn’t start with the tea but with a business plan instead.”  She continued: “Girls’ wanted their tea to make drinkers feel ‘bubbly’, ‘invigorated’, ‘driven’ and ‘full of energy’. The creative energy from them was amazing, they just ran with it and their ideas for the brand and logo were superb and are now being carried forward into a viable product.”

Senior School at Kilgraston


Daily Telegraph columnist answers the (many) questions

More used to asking, rather than answering, the questions, the Daily Telegraph journalist  gamely spent four hours with the tough young interrogators: “There was no slacking,” she said, “you have some keen news-hounds here, they really put me through my paces!”

Judith Woods is based in London having had a career that has taken her all over the globe.

Born in Northern Ireland during The Troubles, the youngest of five girls, she left home aged 18 to read German at Edinburgh University where she was an active member of the student theatre, appearing in numerous fringe festival comedy shows. During this time she also spent a year living in Berlin.

Judith graduated with a first class degree and joined a local, free, newspaper in Edinburgh, training on the job. She went on to work for the Edinburgh Evening News, speech radio and then The Scotsman, before receiving a call from The Daily Telegraph in London.

A contemporary of the now Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, she used to catch the same bus, as the peer, to work while he too was working at the Telegraph. She noticed that he always sat at the very front of the bus (he does, as we know, like buses!) and didn’t seem to understand how to fold a newspaper, bundling all the billowing pages into a great big ball.

Commenting on an interview with Theresa May MP, Judith told the girls: “Prime ministers are tough but a lot easier than teenagers, let me tell you,” she continued: “At Kilgraston there’s no messing, they get straight to the point and don’t give up until they have the answer they want!”

Head of Kilgraston, Dorothy MacGinty, said: “We were thrilled to welcome Judith. So many fantastic stories, she was such an inspiration to all of the girls.” Swimming with hammer-head sharks, travelling with Peruvian vigilantes, attending star-laced Oscar parties and interviewing teenage ‘influencer’ Zoella were just some of the subjects covered by the journalist. “A real eye-opener,” said Mrs MacGinty, “we were very grateful to Judith for giving up a whole day of her time, it was a a fascinating journey.”

Daily Telegraph article mentioning Kilgraston on 4.10.19



A grass roots rebellion – School House discovers pupil-led initiatives, including Kilgraston’s

The autumn edition of School House magazine has just been published and features Kilgraston School in its 276 page volume. The piece about ‘Young eco-warriors’ is flagged-up on the front cover and highlights our ‘Wear it Again’ day among ideas from other schools, including plastic-free picnics, Christmas trees made from old drinks bottles and green ‘unicorns’ – mentors who monitor the environmental policies within schools.

Editor of the magazine, Annabel Heseltine, says she is: “Impressed with their commitment to go green.”

School House magazine is currently available to purchase in shops.

Kilgraston entry in School House magazine


THE WEEK – Independent Schools Guide includes Kilgraston in its ‘Best of the Best’ list

In early 2019, when Kilgraston School pupils had the idea to address the 300,000 tonnes of unused clothes being sent to landfill every year in the UK, girls couldn’t have imagined how their vintage ‘Wear it Again’ day would capture the public imagination.

But it has, in a whole list of national media.

THE WEEK’s Independent Schools Guide Autumn 2019 edition is the latest in a long line of publications to feature the idea, making Kilgraston School its ‘Best green ideas’ winner.

The full Independent Schools Guide is available in shops and some articles can be found at THE WEEK

Kilgraston School – co-curricular activities

Girls from Kilgraston School dressing in vintage fashion during the ‘Wear it Again’ day to highlight the current trend of ‘fast fashion’ which contributes to hundreds of thousands of tonnes of wasted clothing being dumped in landfill sites

Tatler praise for Kilgraston School

Industry ‘bible’ Tatler has just published its Schools Guide 2020 and didn’t we do well?!

“Visitors enjoy meeting these confident and accomplished girls,” says the anonymous Tatler ‘mole’ who reports on Kilgraston School. The School’s impressive STEM results are also highlighted, as are the new subjects on offer.

Head of Kilgraston, Mrs Dorothy MacGinty, comments: “We’re absolutely delighted to be part of Tatler. Everyone at the school works exceedingly hard and receiving this recognition is a great pat on the back for our whole community.”

The 140-page ‘Schools Guide to top prep and public schools in the UK’ comes out once a year and is eagerly awaited by all independent schools.

Tatler Education Editor, Tori Cadogan, said of entry to the publication: “They (schools) are not just chosen for their league table busting results or their world class facilities (although these are closely looked at) but to go into the Tatler Schools Guide they must offer the whole package – holistic pastoral care, a focus on character education as much as pure academics and the ability to accommodate and nurture all their pupils resulting in well educated, but most importantly, happy children.”

The Schools Guide, which accompanies the October edition of Tatler, is currently in the shops (September and early October 2019).

The Times newspaper picks up story highlighted by Kilgraston’s English Department

Shockingly, during the research for this project, English teacher Mrs Saunders discovered that nearly 50% of birds mentioned in Shakespeare’s various works are currently on the RSPBs endangered list.
Of the 64 species cited by the Bard, in over 600 references, 29 are highlighted. This sad fact was picked up by The Times newspaper, which ran the story on Saturday 29 June 2019…

The Times – Kilgraston School

English at Kiglraston School