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STEM at Kilgraston – Mrs MacGinty’s article in Service Parents Guide

STEM at Kilgraston is thriving, exemplified by the numbers of our leavers who go on to study these subjects at university. This year, 2021 is looking to build on this with a quarter of our leavers applying to Engineering degrees.

In the latest version of the Service Parents Guide, Kilgraston’s Headmistress Mrs MacGinty, discusses how we are supporting and engaging our pupils in their learning journey, particularly when learning a subject such as Physics. You can read the entire via the online version of the Service Parents Guide here on page 120.

Mrs MacGinty discusses the return to school on Radio Tay

Kilgraston’s Headmistress, Mrs Dorothy MacGinty, featured on local radio station, Radio Tay, to discuss the return to school.

Schools in Scotland have been closed again due to COVID-19 but today sees the return of the youngest pupils, in the Primary 1, 2 and 3 year groups.

You can listen to what Mrs MacGinty said via the link below, around 40 seconds in at the first news and then every half hour news slot thereafter.

Fundraising by Kilgraston pupil

We are so proud of the latest fundraising by Kilgraston pupil, Lower Third’s Delilah.

She recently endured a night in sub zero temperatures, sleeping in a homemade igloo, and raised £1500 for Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) in the process.

Deliliah’s adventures were reported in local newspaper, The Courier, where her mum Rosie said:

“She said it was the best night’s sleep she has ever had. I had to wake her up at 8.45am, two hours later than usual.

“I think there was a wind chill of -15 degrees C, but she says she was really cosy.

“We checked on her during the night. Staying on a farm, she’s camped out lots before.”

You can still help Delilah with her fundraising, her JustGiving page remains open and we hope she will continue to raise funds for her very worthy cause. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/delilahsigloo

Image: Kenny Smith

Mrs MacGinty discusses Kilgraston’s Scholarships in national magazine

Headmistress discusses Kilgraston’s scholarships and how we are continuing this process even in a pandemic in national magazine, Independent School Parent.

Also in the article, Lower Fifth’s Charlotte discusses how an equestrian scholarship has benefited her riding skills.

You can read the article here.

Our Scholarship day is on 11 and 12 of February and you can find out more about how to apply here.

Mrs MacGinty in the Times discussing remote learning plans

With the ongoing COVID situation and remote learning by schools in place, Kilgraston’s Headmistress, Mrs Dorothy MacGinty, discusses the prospect of a phased return in The Times.

Speaking to The Times, Mrs MacGinty said: ” My biggest concern is the lack of guidance from the Scottish Qualifications Authority for schools as to the part of the syllabus that will be assessed. It is extremely unsettling for teenagers not to know on what they are being assessed. We would greatly welcome far swifter and greater clarification.”

It follows the news that schools in Scotland may offer a phased return and the Scottish government suggesting that schools should focus on re-opening mid-February. You can read more about this news on The Times website here.

Scottish exams 2021 update – Mrs MacGinty on BBC Radio 4

Kilgraston’s Headmistress Mrs MacGinty discusses the Scottish exams 2021 update on national radio station, BBC Radio 4.


Education Secretary John Swinney’s announcement about the cancellation of Scottish Highers in 2021 provoked strong reaction from stakeholders throughout the country.

Following the decision, Kilgraston’s Head Teacher, Dorothy MacGinty, spoke about the situation on the BBCs flagship political show, Radio 4’s Today.

You can listen to Mrs MacGinty at 08:36am here.

Being interviewed by host Justin Webb, Mrs MacGinty appeared with Professor Lindsay Paterson FBA, Professor of Education Policy at the University of Edinburgh.

“I feel this decision should have been made months ago,” commented Mrs MacGinty, “Teachers must now administer and evaluate exams and produce estimates.”

Prof. Patterson agreed with Mrs MacGinty, adding: “There is no coherent reason for this series of decisions,” he continued, “schools are struggling to understand how this could happen, their (pupils’) learning has been turned upside down.”

Local radio station, Tay FM, also carried an interview with Mrs MacGinty and you can listen to Mrs MacGinty’s section at 07:50am here.

Kilgraston’s Christmas movie features in the Telegraph

Kilgraston’s Christmas movie, a school only, drive-in movie event, featured in The Sunday Telegraph.

The article looks at how some schools are inventing ways of still allowing pupils and parents alike to soak up the excitement of the annual Christmas show.

In the article, Kilgraston’s Director of Music, Mr Jason McAuley, says: “It would be easy to say, ‘We can’t do this and we can’t do that’, but we have to accentuate the positive. It’s vital for the girls’ enthusiasm. Besides, their grannies want to see something.”

Our families will be able to enjoy this wonderful performance very soon, with the show available on YouTube in the coming weeks.

You can read more about the Kilgraston Christmas Movie by subscribing to the Telegraph at this link.

Image via Telegraph: Chris Watt

Magazine reports on Kilgraston’s latest British Horse Society success

Leading independent school sector magazine, Attain, has reported on Kilgraston’s recent British Horse Society (BHS) Stage 1 Complete Horsemanship success. It is the first pupil cohort to take part in this alternative pathway and the pupils will now move onto Stage 2.

Pupil Issy said: “It has been such a great privilege to study the BHS Stage I, learning how to properly manage horse care and be rewarded with a professionally recognised certificate which will help me on the first stage of my career with animals.”

Kilgraston is the only school in Scotland to offer the BHS qualifications and shows the tremendous variation on offer to our pupils to pursue their dreams.

You can read more about this success here.