Over half of our pupils achieved Grade As at Higher level

Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships are solely awarded as means of recognising achievement and excellence, whether academic or for outstanding ability, in art, drama, music, equestrian or sport.

Scholarships are available for all Senior year groups. Scholarships are awarded on selection criteria and successful scholars are entitled to a percentage fee remission for the duration of their award. Scholars are expected to maintain high standards and committedly contribute to the life of the school in their area of expertise.

For existing pupils, Academic Scholarships are awarded internally through scrutiny of assessment results. External applicants will be examined at their relevant level. All other scholarships are awarded through scrutiny of achievements and/or provision of a portfolio.

If you wish to be considered for a scholarship, please contact Admissions for more information and an application form via admissions@kilgraston.com.

Scholarship Day

Our 2024 Scholarship Day has now concluded and our next Scholarship Day will be in 2025. Please contact admissions@kilgraston.com for information.


A limited number of bursaries are available at Kilgraston. Parents who wish to apply for a bursary will be asked by the School to complete a Confidential Statement of Financial Circumstances form. The form is confidential and requires full information about the family’s financial circumstances, with supporting documentation. The school uses an independent company, Bursary Administration Ltd (BAL), to review and assess bursary applications. Shortly after receipt of the application form BAL will arrange a home visit to talk through the financial circumstances form and discuss the application. These visits are undertaken at the applicant’s home in a sensitive manner and all information is treated in the strictest confidence. The application and the BAL feedback will be submitted to the Bursar where a decision will be made in conjunction with the Headteacher and the Achieve Group Advisory Board that may be awarded. 

Means Tested Bursary Policy

More information on bursaries can be obtained from the Bursar via bursar@kilgraston.com