Over half of our pupils achieved Grade As at Higher level

Interview Two

This Upper Sixth pupil is 17 and a day pupil at Kilgraston. She lives in a small village in Perthshire which is about 45 minutes’ drive north of Kilgraston. She joined the school half way through Lower Fifth and is hoping to study Veterinary Medicine. She has looked at Surrey and Liverpool universities (where she has an offer from both) and is waiting to hear from Nottingham and London RVC.

Why did you choose Kilgraston?

I did my Trinity Oboe music exams here and really liked the atmosphere. At my old school, I couldn’t take three science subjects at once – obviously very important to me with my career choice – and at Kilgraston, I could. The Head here uses the phrase “our girls” and I wanted to be part of her ‘team’. I liked that sense of belonging. Make sure you pick a school that suits your requirements. I just felt that Kilgraston was the right school for me when I was walking around it; you feel quite important here, respected. You’re encouraged to work hard by your peers, not just by the teachers.

Mobile phone ban, how do you feel about it?

The introduction of the ban didn’t really affect me as I didn’t use my phone very much during the day anyway. I feel it has affected other pupils in a very positive way; there’s much more communication during study periods and breaks now.

Academically, are you pushed?

Because it is a small school everyone is under the spotlight and there’s a feeling of all wanting to do well and everyone pushing each other on. The school’s Medical Society Club helps with the application for Veterinary Medicine. We constantly debate topics and have lots of visiting speakers from the industry. I’m a Music Scholar so I take part in a lot of wind groups and the Senior School orchestra. There’s lots of musical encouragement here.

Do you mix with all different ages?

Through the BFG (Big Friendly Girl) scheme, Kilgraston gives me the chance to mix with pupils of all ages.

What’s your favourite place in the school?

I love the library; it’s beautifully lit with the big, south-facing, windows out over the front lawns; I can even use it during the holidays; I find it easier to study here than at home.

Do you take part in a lot of sport?

Having the pool at the school lets me do a lot more swimming now than I did before I came to Kilgraston; swimming is part of the core PE lessons. I also enjoy playing netball.

How do you feel single sex education compares to co-ed?

You get so much more done! Girls here are a lot more their true selves. I think they’re more mature as they don’t have the distraction of boys. But we do all enjoy the social activities with the boys’ school, Merchiston Castle, in Edinburgh.

How has Kilgraston moulded you?

It has given me great confidence and an ability to talk to all different people. It’s also taught me to believe in myself.