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Coronavirus update 19.1.21

Coronavirus update 19th January 2021

Following the First Minister’s announcement 19th January, the news is certainly better than we were expecting and very welcome indeed. Although Ms Sturgeon said that the levels of community transition is still too high and current restrictions will continue, she has announced that schools may return mid-February. This decision will be reviewed at the beginning of February. Therefore, we can look forward to having pupils back following the half term break on Monday 22 February. The boarding houses will remain open over half term to accommodate the boarders we currently have with us.

Pupils will continue remote learning over the next three and a half weeks and can look forward to being together in school in February, depending on that decision not being reversed. Our plan for Sixth Form is that we will run preliminary exams for Higher and Advanced Higher from 24 February until 3 March and the girls will now know when these exams will take place. Any overseas girls who may find it difficult to travel back to school by that date will have the opportunity to sit them remotely, albeit supervised. After Easter we will be conducting a full set of Final Assessments for all girls in public examination years.

The return to school may be for limited numbers but, as we planned for the August return if this is the case, we have the space and staff to accommodate a full return for all pupils. It remains a waiting game and we well may need to revert to plan B if there is any change at the beginning of February. Rest assured that we will be bringing the whole school back as soon as we possibly can.

Please stick with it and it is important not to become stressed about your child’s work. Teachers tell me they are doing well and now that we know when the likely return is, we can look forward to being together again. We have been here before, we can do it again!