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Coronavirus update 8.5.20


We will be conducting assessments this term with Upper 3 to Upper 4 beginning on Monday 18 May and ending on Friday 22 May. Lower 5 assessments will span over two weeks from Monday 11 May to Friday 22 May. Junior Years teachers will be assessing English and Maths during their lessons with the girls. We have tried to spread the assessments to allow teachers to invigilate as much as possible, hopefully providing a more “realistic” experience for the girls. Mrs Lund and Year Heads have already sent the girls their timetables. What is important is to clarify that these are not regular end of year exams but assessments to allow teachers to gauge progress. Senior teachers are in full preparation for determining the estimated grades for National 5,Higher and Advanced Higher courses. We have now received the last three years comparison of estimated versus actual grades from SQA which they will also use as a benchmark in their determination of grades for this year. Senior teachers have been very busy gathering and documenting as much evidence as they can from the girls work this year. The process is complex and if you would like to read the detail it can be found on the SQA website. SLT has been considering the balance of pressures at home and workload expected. We have decided to allow the girls an extra two days at half term which will give them a break of one whole week. The teaching staff will continue with the planned break and have two working days on Thursday and Friday.

We are planning to bring the girls back to school early in August and will make final decisions once we have had the announcement from the Scottish Parliament regarding returning to school.There is much speculation in the press about the possible return of schools by the staggered or primary phase only. John Swinney said on Wednesday that it would be very difficult forScottish schools to return in May or June due to the logistics of social spacing. Nicola Sturgeon also said on the same day that “hand on heart; I could not see it is safe for ourchildren to return to school”. We await Sunday’s announcement and will be in touch next week accordingly.Thank to all of you for being so adaptable and resilient, you have encouraged the girls to have good routines which have supported the continuity of education. Parents of Junior Years have been superb at supporting learning at home: there may even be a few budding teachers among you!  Thank you for your support and for your many kind messages; it is so encouraging for us all.