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Coronavirus update 23.4.20


It is wonderful to have the girls back ‘in school’ for the summer term and we hope they are equally excited to be back. The attendance figures in lessons before Easter and over the last two days have been very high and we even had one girl in Hong Kong and one in Singapore attending live at 10.40pm (their time) which enabled them to have interaction with their teachers and classmates rather than view the recorded lesson: impressive!

Please keep in touch with your daughters’ teachers, especially if screen time or workload becomes too much. Equally, teachers should be providing extension work particularly for older girls and will be monitoring how well the girls are progressing through this. We have been impressed by the professionalism of the staff and while technology can let us down from time to time, the teachers are making a huge effort to deliver the high quality education we expect from Kilgraston. We are particularly grateful to those teachers who also have their own children at home. Pastoral care is also important and we will be continuing with assemblies, PHSE and Tutors and Year Heads will be contacting girls on an individual basis offering support and encouragement at what is a very difficult time.

SQA have published their plans and arrangements for submitting estimated grades for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher courses. We await final details for ‘A’ level Art. It has been made clear that we cannot disclose estimated grades to parents or pupils but we will be estimating on the basis of prior performance and potential ‘if this child had continued to work towards their final examination, what would be the likely grade?’. SQA will also look at this year’s cohort in the context of the last three years which is favourable for us.

It remains unknown when we will definitely return to school but John Swinney MSP said today that schools will remain closed for the foreseeable future, which is expected to be until at least the summer break is over. He said: “We have taken no decisions to reopen schools and, as we said back in March, we expect them to be closed until at least the summer break”. So, it looks likely that our “normality” over the next term will be remote learning and remote living!

We plan to send out a questionnaire in about ten days’ time, just to find out what you think we are doing well and what we could do better. A survey will be sent to parents, staff and pupils. Please do get in touch with any specific questions you may, and email the relevant member of staff.