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Coronavirus update 18.8.20

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE 18.8.20 – return to school

We are looking forward to welcoming back all of our pupils on 24 August and now provide some key information with regards their return.


Risk Assessments / Code of Conduct
Extensive risk assessments have been carried out and are supported by a Code of Conduct for each distinguishable School activity. These are available to all parents via the parent portal and our website.

Infirmary Arrangements
Our qualified School Nurse, Sister Rentoul, will continue to oversee the Infirmary arrangements which will be operating as normal as we return. She will deal with any suspected cases of Covid-19, including assessing high temperatures recorded as staff and pupils enter the buildings (see below) and will manage isolation procedures should these be required.
If you receive a call from the School to collect your child this should be done as promptly as possible. Children who become unwell during the School Day will not be permitted to travel on the School Bus that afternoon.

Development of Symptoms in School or at Home
Our code of conduct requires any member of staff or pupil to inform the School immediately if they, or other members of their household, develop symptoms. If this is prior to returning to School, we will provide guidance on when they should return to School following the required isolation period. We ask any of our families whose household has an individual who is shielding to inform us in order that we can make the appropriate arrangements. If symptoms develop within School, either for staff, day or boarding pupils, they will be sent to the Infirmary where our School Nurse will advise on next steps. For any pupil not able to attend School provision for continued online or remote learning will be arranged via their Head of Year.

School Visitors

Visits to the school will be restricted to essential visits only. Before access to the School is granted, the temperature of the visitor will be taken and they will acknowledge our code of conduct which includes a declaration of their travel over the previous 14 days. A record of their contact details will be retained for Test and Protect purposes.

In the Event of a Confirmed Case
The School Nurse will be responsible for contacting the Local Health Protection Team and working with the School’s Senior Management in ensuring the appropriate actions are taken.

Should the School be required to close again, either in full or in part, we will revert to the remote learning procedures as successfully delivered in the summer term.


Drop off Procedures
Parents who are dropping off their children will not be permitted into the School building. Main drop off points will be main car park for Junior Years, Lower and Upper 4 and Sixth Form. Lower and Upper 5 pupils should be dropped off in the Reception car park for entry at the door by the Chapel. Junior Years will enter via the main entrance to the Grange.

Arriving at School
On arrival at school each pupil and staff member will have a designated point of entry. Upon entry to the School building each morning a temperature check will be carried out and anyone with a temperature higher than 37.5 degrees will be sent to the School Nurse.
Lower 4 through to Upper 5 will have access to a locker however the girls will be discouraged from lingering in these spaces for prolonged periods of time. The Sixth Form will continue to have use of the Sixth Form Centre and related spaces. Having visited their lockers to leave sports bags, outer jackets, etc. all pupils should immediately make their way to their Tutor Base.


Returning to School
We are currently operating a 14-day quarantine period for all international pupils who are required to quarantine prior to returning to School. The School is providing supported isolation accommodation with activities which comply with the self-isolation guidelines.

For girls who are required to follow the quarantine rules but have not arrived before 10 August, they will not attend classes until the 14-day period has elapsed. Online / remote learning will be provided. All domestic boarders should return on Saturday 22 / Sunday 23 August.
Please note that parents will not be able to enter the boarding houses at any time. Flexiboarding will be managed on a structured basis with the girls housed separate to full time boarders. One night boarding tasters or ad-hoc single night stays will not be permissible.

Evening and Weekend Activities
A full programme of activities for our boarders will be co-ordinated by the boarding team. Weekend excursions will take place in accordance with Scottish Government guidelines in respect to leisure activities.

Social Distancing and Moving around School
Although there is no requirement for the pupils to be socially distant in School, it remains our intention to operate in bubbles wherever possible and each bubble will largely be formed by year groups being Rec to U2, L3/U3, L4/U4, LS/U5 and and L6/U6. Where possible, and in particular for senior pupils, social distancing will be encouraged. Identified social areas will have more space to encourage social distancing. Adults will look to maintain a two metre distance in class and throughout the school building but where this is not possible they will be required to wear a face covering. Outwith this, the wearing of face coverings at any time by any member of staff or pupil is permitted if desired.

Due to the updated social distancing rules for school children and the width of our circulation space, it will not be necessary to operate a one way system (other than at lunchtimes – see below) but we will be asking everyone to keep to the left in the corridors as they move around.

Common Rooms, with the exception of Sixth Form, will not be available. The pupils will go to their Tutor Base if they need an indoor space during wet break or lunch. Outdoor space will be allocated to each year group. Whole School assemblies will take not place however all pupils will watch a live stream of the assembly.

Toilets will be open as usual however, we will encourage pupils to use the toilets throughout the day and not go in large groups at break and lunchtimes.
The housekeeping team will carry out additional cleaning measures throughout the day in the toilet and other public areas.

Hygiene procedures
Hand washing is still the best form of hand hygiene and all staff and pupils will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly. In addition, infrared hand sanitisers will be positioned at various points throughout the school buildings. Signage for appropriate use will be clearly displayed and younger children will be assisted.

Enhanced housekeeping services have been introduced including weekend cover of the Boarding areas. High volume and smaller, more enclosed spaces will be disinfected with a fogger or
other similar device on a daily basis.
Ventilation measures will be implemented where possible including:

  • classes with an outside window will have at least one window kept open,
  • where practicable, classroom doors will remain open and
  • outdoor learning will be encouraged.

Break and Lunch Arrangements
Break and lunchtimes will take place largely at the usual times but will be managed and structured in a way that allows for the continuance of bubbles.
The snacks provided at break in both Schools will be served by the Catering team. The dining hall will be used for Lower 4 to Upper 5 but they will exit the Dining Hall via the external doors opposite the Science Centre after collecting their snack; Sixth Form will have their break in the Sixth Form Centre.
At lunch service there will be a three course, hot meal provision as before however the self­ service salad bar will not be an option. A salad bowl option will be available instead.
The pupils will be allotted a time depending upon year group and we will be using two dining areas to allow staggered sittings. A one-way system will be operated for entering the servery and exiting the dining areas with the catering team issuing all crockery with the food to the diners from behind perspex screening.

Housekeeping staff will be on duty to wipe down table and seating areas between sittings.

All pupils should bring back any textbooks or School iPads they have taken home over lockdown on the first day of term. Outdoor PE equipment should be clearly named and also brought in on the first day of term.
Pupils are allowed to bring school bags and will have access space for storing these throughout the day but they must only bring essential equipment required for the School day from home.
All pupils will need their own stationery (pens, pencils, ruler, rubber, etc. as per the stationery list) clearly named and all to be kept in their own plastic folder/ pouch. Any sharing of stationery will be allowed.

Dedicated School Transport / Public Transport
A separate code of conduct pertaining to dedicated School transport will be communicated to those families using this service and available to the rest of the Kilgraston community upon request. Any pupils or staff using public transport to journey to or from School will be required to follow the guidance as directed by the Scottish Government, when doing so.

Classroom Struture and Hygiene
The Junior Years children will remain largely in their own classrooms. Senior pupils will need to move between classrooms and therefore the following provisions have been made:

  • hands sanitised during transition between classes
  • desks and chairs will be wiped down between classes
  • all bags to be left on floor and not placed on desk or work surfaces

Online / Remote Learning
For those pupils who are absent from School due to travel restrictions, quarantine or other illness we will provide appropriate work.

Co-Curricular Activities
Sport and PE activities will be planned following the government and national bodies’ advice for each particular sport. Initially there will be no netball, swimming or gymnastics but these sports will be introduced as the guidance allows but we will have athletics. The use of shared equipment is likely to remain restrictive and therefore pupils will be asked to bring their own equipment including hockey stick, shin pads and tennis racket for U2 pupils onwards. Where School equipment is used it will be disinfected both before and after use.

Likewise music and drama activities will continue giving cognisance to the social distance guidelines with the sharing of equipment and instruments again being restricted. One to one lessons will continue albeit some may remain on an online basis. Arrangements will be confirmed by the individual tutors directly with each pupil.

Extra-Curricular Activities, Clubs and Trips
With the exception of weekend Boarding activities, no off-site trips are planned to take place in this half-term however we are endeavouring to operate as many lunchtime and after school clubs as the current guidance will permit.


In preparing for our return to School we have used the advice and guidance from the various sources including, but not exhaustively, Scottish Government, BSA, SCIS, School Leaders Scotland and NHS Scotland.

The following links may be useful if you require any further information:

BSA COVID-Safe Charter

Health Protection Scotland

Scottish Government’s Schools Policies

For any other queries or concerns, please email the Reception Team (reception@kilgraston.com) who will direct your query to the relevant member of our team.