Over half of our pupils achieved Grade As at Higher level

Sixth Form Learning Resources

Sixth Form Learning Resources

At Kilgraston, our Sixth Form Centre features two bespoke study rooms; one for the Lower Sixth and another for the Upper Sixth. Each room is equipped with ‘intelligent workbenches’ designed to replicate those found at university with wireless internet provision for those who choose to use their own portable devices. Day girls will be allocated their own study desk, which they can use as a base, if they are a boarder they will have their own private room on the second floor, from which to study in. Both boarder and day girls alike can use the communal table space in the Sixth Form Centre for collaborative group work. The individual carrels and quiet work areas provide a university library atmosphere and create the kind of learning environment that they will become acquainted with as undergraduate students. This will enable them to develop a self-disciplined and positive approach to study time. The centre is also equipped with data projectors, scanners, printers and photocopiers to aid their learning experience.

“The sense of ownership by having individual desks gives everyone their own space to concentrate on our work. We definitely feel a sense of attachment to the area and take great pride in having this room to ourselves” – Upper Sixth Student

The spacious Sixth Form Common Room provides a soft seating area to relax and chat to friends. Girls can prepare hot drinks and snacks in the adjoining kitchen, of which tea and chocolate biscuits are firm favourites. The Sixth Form Centre has a warm and friendly atmosphere with a strong sense of ‘family’. Completing the Centre is a Sixth Form tutorial room alongside a locker room, including shower, toilet and changing facilities. Our facilities play an important part in making the all-round education at Kilgraston first class.

Our facilities play an important part in making the all-round education at Kilgraston first class. In addition to the Sixth Form Centre our students have benefited from the addition of other new facilities. The Science Centre, which includes five new state-of-the-art teaching labs, has “been excellent for everyone from prep to Advanced Higher students” (Evie Lindsay, a former Kilgraston student now studying Natural Sciences at Cambridge University). Equally, there are interactive classrooms throughout the school, a refurbished music, sound and recording studio and numerous sporting facilities, which in recent years have helped to make Kilgraston a Centre for Sporting Excellence.