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Swimming Pool Open Sessions

We have several open session dates during the October holidays.

9th, 11th, 13th, 16th, 18th and 20th October

Time: 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Booking is essential. Please email

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Head Girl Welcome

Welcome from the Head Girl

What you always heard from Upper Sixth girls is that their time here had gone by so fast, that you should make use of every day and opportunity- and only now I’m in their position, I understand! It really is difficult to believe that I’ve been at Kilgraston for five years. I have loved every year at school, so since U4th the time really has flown by and I will be so sad to see it end this year. However, I know that because of how special Kilgraston is, I will leave with a great education, amazing memories and cherished friendships.


At Kilgraston the relationships between the girls are unbreakable; like sisters. As any high school goes, throughout the years your friendships may change, but I can honestly say that in Upper Sixth, we’re a very close-knit group of girls and I know I could count on any one of them. What really stands out to me at Kilgraston, is not only the bond between the students of all years, but the relationships you make with the teaching staff, catering team, bus drivers, maintenance men and cleaning staff. These bonds make the school what it is; a family with a caring and supportive environment. This atmosphere that goes around the whole school only backs up our motto- Cor Unum, meaning One Heart. The girls are pushed within, not only their academics, but are also taught to make the best of themselves in sport, music and drama. The wide range of opportunities available at the school allow each and every girl to find their strengths and enjoy extra-curricular activities. So now it is my time to say it- take part in as much as possible here, your time flies by!

Sixth Form is definitely a busy year but it is the highlight of your time at Kilgraston. I am looking forward to working with Teresa, Sophie and the rest of the Upper Sixth to make this year our best year yet. We aim to get to know all the girls in the school better, and want to make sure everybody knows they are valued.

At the end of this year it will be time to say a very emotional goodbye to Kilgraston. The teachers encouraged and helped me get the results I need, and with these I hope to go on to university to study Psychology. As much as I am looking forward to this, I will always remember Kilgraston, the values it has taught me and I will treasure the friendships I have made. It really is a special school.

Cor Unum.

Susie Dougall
Kilgraston Head Girl