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Sixth Form Curriculum

Sixth Form Curriculum

Our curriculum is flexible and designed to meet the individual needs of our students both in terms of the subjects and levels offered.

The Sixth Form at Kilgraston is the culmination of a pupil’s school career. Pupils can enjoy two years of studying their chosen subjects, learning to organise their work and leisure time, pursuing their interests and planning their futures. They are being encouraged to develop independence together with a sense of responsibility and growing self-confidence. In this way, the Sixth Form is an excellent foundation for the complete independence demanded by University education.

Pupils in the Sixth Form take four or five Highers in L6 . In the U6 the girls will then take Advanced Highers or new subjects at Higher. There is a wide range of subjects on offer, and each student will be encouraged to supplement their choices from an array of extra-curricular activities.

Our Sixth Form graduates apply successfully to study at a range of top universities in the UK and internationally. These include Edinburgh, St Andrews and Glasgow as well as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London and the University of Waterloo in Canada. In 2016, 100% of our girls were accepted onto their university course and 38% of girls are now studying a STEM undergraduate course.

For a full list of the subjects on offer at Kilgraston, please download a copy of our Sixth Form Information booklet.


Academic Success

"The wide range of opportunities available at the school allow each and every girl to find their strengths and enjoy extra-curricular activities. So now it is my time to say it- take part in as much as possible here, your time flies by!"

Susie Dougall - Kilgraston Head Girl


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