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Swimming Pool Open Day

Saturday 15th July 2017

Open to families looking for regular swimming lessons for their children.
Come and meet our Swimming Pool Manager and try our excellent facilities for FREE

Session Times: 9-11am, 11.30am-1.30pm, 2-4pm, 4.30-6.30pm

To register for one of the session blocks above please email:

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Sixth Form

Delivering goals, preparing the next steps

The Sixth Form at Kilgraston is the culmination of our girls' school career. We make the two years in Sixth Form the foundation for the development of the complete independence demanded by university education.

The emphasis is on fostering in each girl a ‘can do’ mentality, a belief and a genuine confidence in their abilities and their vision for the future. Increased freedom and independence for each girl is coupled with greater self-responsibility for their own life and work, guided of course by our experienced staff.

Our Sixth Form Centre, created as part of our recent and on-going investment in school facilities, provides each girl with her own desk area, a personal base for books and coursework offering complete privacy when required. This allows girls to discuss their work without directly impacting the private study of others. The learning environment replicates and prepares for the experience each girl will become accustomed to as an undergraduate student at university.

Group work is also part of Sixth Form life. The Centre provides a communal table space to facilitate this.

We offer a wide range of subjects. Our Sixth Form girls take four or five Highers in their first year. In their second year each girl will study a selection of Advanced Highers or perhaps new Higher subjects.

In addition to formal academic study, each girl is encouraged to supplement their Highers and Advanced Highers choices by choosing from an array of clubs and activities offered by the School.

We are proud with the exceptional achievements of Kilgraston Sixth Formers, year after year. We continue, consistently, to be in the top five of schools in Scotland and outperform almost every independent girls school across the UK, to the dismay of the vast majority of our peers.

Click here for a list of our 2016 Leavers.