School fee schedule

Fees for the School Year 2016-2017

Registration Fee £100 
(payable with the Registration Form)
Guarantee Deposit Boarding – £1500
Day – £750
(payable with acceptance of a place and refunded on leaving)
Boarding Fees (per term)
Senior School (L4 – U6) £9,380
Junior School (U2 – U3) £7,165
Day Fee (per term)
Senior School (Lower Fourth to Upper Sixth) £5,490
Junior School (Lower Third to Upper Third) £4,295
Junior School (Reception to Upper Second) £3,385

International student Fee Schedule  

Registration Fee £100
Guarantee Deposit £3,500 (payable with acceptance of a place and refunded on leaving)
Boarding Fees (per term)
Senior School (L4-U6) (ESOL) 
Junior School (U2 – U3) (ESOL) £8,010

The above fees include all meals for Boarders and lunch for Day Pupils. Also included are books (except for special books which the pupils retain), stationery, laundry for Boarders and the cost of enrolment in the ISCO careers and Higher Education Guidance Service for Senior pupils. The School requires all parents resident abroad to appoint a guardian. The School closes at Half Term breaks and during the Christmas and Easter holidays.

Day Pupil’s overnight stay (where space allows) ……………… £50 per night


Where two or more children of one family are at School together, the following reductions from fees will be made: Second Child at School: 5% Third Child at School: 25% Fourth Child at School: 50% Services Discount: 10% There are also reciprocal discounts with Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh.

Fees and Extra Curricular Charges Terms and Conditions

  1. Fees and extra curricula charges: Boarding and day fees include all expenses fortuition, meals and use of standard textbooks and basic school stationery. Boarding fees include accommodation, pastoral care, laundry of school uniform and necessary casual clothes and bed linen. Not included is specialist laundry or dry cleaning which will be for the parent account.
  2. Payment of Fees: Fees become due and payable on the first day of each term or by direct debit through our fees company, SFP. Fee accounts are issued within two weeks after the end of each term and will reflect the terms fees for the new term and the extra curricula charges for the previous term.
  3. Fee responsibility: Fees are the joint responsibility of each person who has signed the school enrolment form or who has parental responsibility for the pupil.
  4. Personal Accident insurance: This is a mandatory scheme administered by Kilgraston in conjunction with HSBC. The scheme compensates for permanent disability or death of a pupil. The termly premium is included in the fee invoice of each pupil.
  5. Outstanding fee accounts: Fees not paid on the due date will attract a2% administrative charge per month or part thereof. In the event that fees are a term in arrears the pupil will not be permitted to return to Kilgraston the following term until the outstanding account is settled. All amounts outstanding to Kilgraston in respect of the pupil will be recoverable by legal action if necessary, any administrative and legal fees incurred will be for the account of the parent.
  6. Scholarship and Bursary Awards: A scholarship or bursary award may be withdrawn with immediate effect if, in the opinion of the Headmistress, the pupil’s progress/ behaviour or attendance no longer merits the continuation of the award.
  7. Fee Invoice Queries: All queries in relation to the fee invoice must be raised with the Finance office prior to the beginning of any term.

Notice of Withdrawal:

  1. Notice: In the event that a parent wishes to withdraw a pupil from Kilgraston a full term’s written notice is required to be given to the Headmistress. In the event that provisional notice is given this is only valid for the term in which it is given. In the event that a full term’s notice of withdrawal is not received a full term’s fees in lieu of notice will be due and payable at the rate that would have applied had the pupil attended school.
  2. A term’s notice is also required to discontinue an extra curricular or music activity which requires contracted instructors. In the event that a full term’s notice is not received a term’s fees in lieu of notice will be due and payable at the rate that would have applied had the pupil attended the activity.